Mysterious Blue Lights at the Library

There are two machines emitting a bright blue light on the main and lower levels… Fear not, Self Checkoutlibrary fans! They’re our fancy, new self-checkout machines!

St. Thomas Public Library is excited to announce the arrival of two new self-checkout machines! The library has been proud to offer self-checkout services for over 4 years already, and in recent months, the unit has seen an increase in usage of nearly 400%! After nearly 5 years of service, we have determined that the time has come to upgrade once again.

St. Thomas Public Library has replaced the original self-checkout machine on the main floor with a new, sleeker model, and has even added a second machine to the Children’s and Teens’ Department on the lower level. With the new self-checkout located in the Children’s & Teens’ Department, busy parents and caregivers can avoid line-ups at the desk, and children enjoy being able to “Help” checkout their own material. The self-checkout machines are ideal for those in a hurry, and for those wishing to keep their checked out material private. For example, some people enjoy confidentiality when borrowing material on health, relationships, or other sensitive subject matter.

For those of you who loved using our old machine – good news! This new one is easier to use and even more powerful. Here’s what you can do on our new machines:

  • Checkout items
  • Verify your account status
  • Check your holds
  • Renew items currently on loan

Haven’t even given self-checkout a try? It’s easy! Just walk up to the machine and follow the instructions using the touch screen. Need assistance? Our knowledgeable staff can help you! Speak to any library staff member for one-on-one assistance.

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