Send a Print Job from Asia to the Library

mobile printing iconHave you ever found a form or interesting article on your smartphone and gone through the hassle of sending the link to your email, logging into a library computer, pulling up the email, and then print it? Talk about needlessly complicated. Don’t worry – we fixed that.

St. Thomas Public Library is excited to offer the community a brand new service – printing at the library from anywhere in the world! That’s right, you can now send a print job to one of the library’s printers from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even home computer! There is no need to bring your document on a USB stick and log-into one of our Public Computer Workstations in order to be able to print. If you need an example of how nerdy-cool this is, consider this: You can book last-minute airline tickets on your phone while at the airport, text your friend the password for the library’s print job, have your friend come to the library, print the boarding passes, and meet you at the airport. Total cost? Forty cents with the bonus of a spontaneous adventure.

For instructions on this cutting-edge service, visit the library’s website at and look for the above image on the homepage. Prices for printing at the library remain the same: 20¢ per page for black & white, and $1 per page for colour printing.

It has never been easier to print your documents at the library. Give it a try today!

For more information, please visit

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