Online Help for Teens

Teenage girl studying with textbooksIt’s Canadian Mental Health Awareness Week and today we’d like to share a resource made specifically for teens that can help them make choices for positive mental health.

Adolescence is a time of dramatic change. The journey from child to adult can be complex and challenging. Young people often feel tremendous pressure to succeed at school, at home and in social groups. At the same time, they may lack the life experience that lets them know that difficult situations will not last forever. Mental health problems commonly associated with adults, such as depression, also affect young people. (Source:

It can often be difficult for teens to seek help for a number of reasons: embarrassment, fear of judgement or consequences, lack of support at home, school, or from friends, misunderstanding their own feelings, or a lack of access to resources that are confidential, helpful, or directed towards them. It can be even more difficult for teenage boys to seek help because of social stigma.

We have something that can help.

The Teen Health and Wellness database was developed for teens with their unique concerns in mind. (A valid St. Thomas Public Library card or access to one of the library’s computers is required.) It is award-winning and critically acclaimed, providing curricular support and self-help on topics the following topics:

  • Body Basics
  • Developmental Disabilities and Disorders
  • Diseases, Infections, and Conditions
  • Diversity
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Eating Disorders
  • Family Life
  • Friendship and Dating
  • Green Living
  • Grief and Loss
  • Mind, Mood, and Emotions
  • Nutrition, Fitness, and Appearance
  • Safety
  • Sexuality and Sexual Health
  • Skills for School, Work, and Life

Specifically to mental health, this database includes:

Emotional Health

Getting Help

Mental Health

If you know a teen who may find the Teen Health and Wellness database useful, please share it! It’s free to use – all that is needed is a valid library card. It can be accessed from any device that connects to the internet. If help isn’t received as a teen, the problems can manifest and may make their life as an adult even more challenging. Sharing where to get help or more information can make a lifetime of difference.

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