Needlessly Complicated Printing – Nope!

Back in January, we launched our new Mobile Printing service, so that library customers could print directly from their mobile devices and laptops. Since its launch, we’ve printed over 150 pages using Mobile Print!
Have you ever wanted to print a document you discovered on your tablet, and gone through the hassle of sending the link to your email, logging into a library computer, pulling up the email, opening the webpage, and then printing it? Talk about needlessly complicated. Don’t worry – we fixed that.

It’s now easier than ever to print at the library – you can send a print job to one of the library’s printers from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even home computer!

  • If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you just need to install the PrinterON app.
  • If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, you just need to visit:

mobile printing icon
For instructions on this new service, visit the library’s website at and look for the above image on the homepage. Prices for printing at the library remain the same: 20¢ per page for black & white, and $1 per page for colour printing.

It has never been easier to print your documents at the library. Give it a try today!
For more information, please visit

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