Stained-glass Marker Maker Project

At St. Thomas Public LibrarMarkerProject3y’s Creators’ Community, the fun doesn’t stop at the library doors…

Here is an idea for an art project for creators of all ages using Sharpie markers and wax paper!

Creating your own stained-glass art piece can be a simple and rewarding way to engage children using colour and imagination, or an exercise in relaxation for adults (as evidence of the surging popularity of colouring books geared towards adults.

MarkerProject2You will need a roll of wax paper, a black Sharpie marker for outlining, and a set of assorted coloured Sharpies for filling in your designs.

First you will need a design. It can be as easy as tracing a picture from a colouring book, or clipart printed out from the computer, or you can also draw an outline free-hand. Tape down the corners of the wax paper to the table and trace out your design with a black Sharpie using thick bold lines, which will make each panel stand out. Next, fill in the shapes with colours! Finally, trim down the edges of the waxed paper and tape it up to a sunny window and enjoy!

MarkerProject1Here are a few examples of various patterns of difficulty for ideas. Colouring is a wonderful activity that stimulates the brain’s areas of fine motor skills and creativity, and has a meditative effect that is proven to lower stress!

Looking for free printable pattern ideas?

Creators' Community with 3 Ds

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