Meet the Author of Murder City

MEET DR. MICHAEL ARNTFIELD, author of “Murder City: The Untold Story of Canada’s Serial Killer Capital, 1959-1984”

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 | 7-8 PM

Free advanced tickets available at the Main Service Desk at St. Thomas Public Library (Good-will donations on the night of the event are gratefully appreciated.)

Local author, professor, and criminologist Dr. Arntfield discusses his book “Murder City,” about true events that took place in London, Ontario.

Books for sale and signing at the event.

Admission is free, and advanced tickets are available at the Main Service Desk at St. Thomas Public Library, 153 Curtis Street. For more information, please call the Adult Information Desk at 519-631-6050 ext. 8013.

About the Book:Murder City Book Cover

Like the mythic cities of Gotham or Gomorrah, London, Ontario was for many years an unrivaled breeding ground of depravity and villainy, the difference being that its monsters were all too real.

In its coming to inherit the unwanted distinction of being the serial killer capital of not just Canada—but apparently also the world during this dark age in the city’s sordid history— the crimes seen in London over this quarter-century period remain unparalleled and for the most part unsolved. From the earliest documented case of homicidal copycatting in Canada, to the fact that at any given time up to six serial killers were operating at once in the deceivingly serene “Forest City,” London was once a place that on the surface presented a veneer of normality when beneath that surface dark things would whisper and stir. Through it all, a lone detective would go on to spend the rest of his life fighting against impossible odds to protect the city against a tidal wave of violence that few ever saw coming, and which to this day even fewer choose to remember. With his death in 2011, he took these demons to his grave with him but with a twist—a time capsule hidden in his basement, and which he intended to one day be opened. Contained inside: a secret cache of his diaries, reports, photographs, and hunches that might allow a new generation of sleuths to pick up where he left off, carry on his fight, and ultimately bring the killers to justice—killers that in many cases are still out there.

Murder City is an explosive book over fifty years in the making, and is the history of London, Ontario as never told before. Stranger than fiction, tragic, ironic, horrifying, yet also inspiring, this is the true story of one city under siege, and a book that marks a game changer for the true crime genre.– From

About the Author:Profile Pic - Michael Artntfield

I am a professor at Western University where I specialize in digital and emerging media, investigative journalism, true crime writing, and forensic linguistics, lexicology, and stylometry. I have also previously served as a professor of criminology at Wilfrid Laurier University, and am now affiliate faculty with the Centre for Research in Forensic Semiotics at Victoria College, University of Toronto. Further, I have over 15 years’ experience as a police officer across myriad areas of specialization: major crimes, robbery, arson, criminal intelligence, and crime prevention, as well as writing search warrants, production orders, and other judicial authorizations for these and other specialized investigative units. Known as the ‘Profficer’ among my students, this unique background has now enabled me to venture into both commercial and academic publishing, as well as professional consulting and network television development and production. (From

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