Library Lending Kiosk to Arrive in Elgin Mall


Library Kiosk Coming Soon!
Library Kiosk Coming Soon!

Have you heard the news?!

St. Thomas Public Library has announced that on September 21st, it will launch a brand new service in the Elgin Mall – a Library Lending Kiosk!

But what is a library lending kiosk??

The new kiosk works like a vending machine, but instead of bottled drinks or a snack, the unit dispenses library books! All you have to do is enter your library card, and select the title you want. The book drops down, and you can take it home with you for 3 weeks!

What books will I have to choose from?

The lending kiosk will hold 20 titles, in a variety of formats (soft cover, hardcover, and large print) and will include both fiction and nonfiction titles.

Why did the Library choose the mall?

Back in 2011, the library operated day-to-day out of the mall, during its year-long building renovation. Library customers really liked having a presence at the mall, and patrons have told us that they miss having us there. So what better place to try and reach more library customers, who may not be able to visit our main location on Curtis Street!

How are the Friends of St. Thomas Public Library involved?

The lending kiosk was generously sponsored by the Friends of the Library group, and they happen to run a used book shop in the Elgin Mall already. The Friends of St. Thomas Public Library are volunteers who have donated over $200,000 to the Library since their inception in 1994, and they were so pleased to have been able to donate the funds for this exciting project.

When can I start using it?

The new library lending kiosk services will launch formally during the morning of Wednesday September 21st, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11am. Come by and try it out!

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