Easy Study Room Booking with Setmore!

Did you know that St. Thomas Public Library has two private study rooms on the upper level – and that you can book them for personal use?

Now, it is easier than ever to reserve the study rooms, when you use our new self-serve room-booking website! You can now reserve either the Elgin or Talbot rooms using our dedicated computer (located on the upper level near the desk) or at home by visiting the following link: http://stthomaspubliclibrary.setmore.com/.

It’s really simple!

First, select a roomChoose a Study Room

Now select a date and time (you can reserve in 1-hour chunks, up to a maximum of 3 hours per day)

Choose a date and time

Enter both first and last names and e-mail, then click “Continue.” You will receive an e-mail confirmation once you have booked your room.

Enter your information

Confirm your information, click on “Book My Appointment”, and you’re done!

Book your appointment

Our rooms are available free of charge for groups of up to 4 people. These rooms are ideal for studying, tutoring, or homework! You can reserve a room for up to 3 hours per day. If you would like to cancel or change your reservation, you can speak to a staff member in Adult Services.

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