Reason #36: We Do Custom Orders!

Reason #36 - We place custom ordersIs there a book you need to get your hands on that we don’t have? A missing volume in a series, or an older book by a favourite author?  Perhaps you heard about an upcoming book by your favourite celebrity chef, or you’ve developed an urgent need to learn about the latest crafting trend. Or maybe you’re a hobbyist of some sort, say a quilter, and you know of some magnificent quilting books that we don’t carry. These are all good reasons to come to the information desk and place a request with us. We will do our best to order in the item you’re looking for. When you request an item and we order it, we’ll put it on hold for you so that when it arrives you get first dibs on it.

This process helps us improve our collection and stay on top of trends. It’s likely that if you’re asking for something, someone else would enjoy it as well. So don’t be shy, ask! There’s nothing like picking up a brand new book off the holds shelf and being the first to crack it open, and you can take pride knowing that it’s in our collection because you asked for it!